In Solomon Bay there is a “secret” beach owned by a local family who will cook you amazing seafood! This place is awesome so let’s please keep the secret! The “restaurant” is literally a shack on the beach with plastic tables & chairs and a makeshift bar & grill. They serve Ceviche, Shrimp, Lobster; whatever is fresh that day and limited drinks. We get the small shrimp ceviche for which we are usually charged 200 pesos, but it is plenty for 2 people. I also usually bring some water and snacks for the kids…some beach clubs do not allow any outside food or drink but this place doesn’t seem to care as long as you are ordering something. The beers are cheap but they usually only have one kind. You do not have to eat, you can just sit on the shady beach and order some drinks. There are hammocks to relax in as well. There is a brand new playground for the kids. The bay is full of sea grass but they have dug out a path to walk through, and at the end the water is crystal clear and shallow. Great for snorkeling!