The Tulum Ruins are a Pre-Columbian Mayan walled city that is situated on a cliff, overlooking a white sand, aqua blue Caribbean beach. This City of Zama (meaning “City of Dawn”, because if faces the sunrise) was an important site of worship of the defending God. This site was one of the last cities to be built by the Mayans, with completion estimated to be in the 12th century. European explorers and settlers brought diseases appear to have been the cause of its demise. As one of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites, the ruins of Tulum are a popular tourist attraction.

For many of our guests, Tulum Ruins are on a short list of “must see”. We recommend that if you want to see ruins you must go to Coba. At Tulum, the spectacular backdrop of the cliffs leading to the crystal blue waters far out shadow the structures. You will find yourself looking past the ruins and thinking: “How am I going to get to that beach????”